About Us
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What is Haymaker Sports?

From the bustling world of finance to the dynamic realm of sports, my journey is anything but ordinary. As a seasoned financial advisor with a deep-seated passion for the business side of sports, I've always been fascinated by how numbers shape the games we love.

Throughout my career, I've observed the intricate interplay between athletes, their contracts, team valuations, endorsements, and the myriad financial decisions that permeate the sports industry. Recognizing the gap in understanding these complexities at a ground level, I set forth on a mission: to bridge the world of finance and sports for those eager to grasp it.

Through Haymaker Sport's podcast and blog, I endeavor to shed light on how business decisions in sports impact everyone involved – from the budding athlete to the dedicated fan. Whether you're a player wanting to understand the financial implications of a contract, an agent aiming to negotiate the best for your client, an executive navigating the complexities of the industry, or a fan curious about the economic forces at play behind your favorite team, I'm here to provide insights that resonate with you.

Join me as we unpack the fascinating, often overlooked, intricacies of the business side of sports, and together, we'll gain a deeper appreciation for the games we cherish.

Our Mission

At Haymaker Sports, we delve deep into the captivating intersection of sports and business. Catering to athletes, agents, executives, and the fans who crave an insider's perspective, we offer a unique lens into the strategies, decisions, and financial nuances that drive the sports world. Whether you're looking to understand a blockbuster trade, the intricacies of athlete endorsements, or the economics behind stadium deals, we are your go-to source for insightful analysis and the latest trends shaping the business side of sports.